Vasko Karangeleski

North Macedonia

Growing the Sales Pipeline with Cold Outreach

"Growing B2B business revenues beyond friends and family, and customer referrals, is necessary for scaling. It often looks as a totally different game, and it is. Learn about the challenges in setting up the sales pipeline for predictable revenue, time and cost for setting it up, when it makes sense to do it yourself or when to outsource it, what organizational issues to expect, and how to measure success."

Vasko Karangeleski is a growth enthusiast, Certified Management Consultant, MBA & passionate entrepreneur. 

Served hundreds of organizations for business expansion or turn-around for 15+ years as professional consultant. His extensive experience in the last 20 years includes positions as CEO, Chief Growth Officer, Governing board member, project and program developer, program evaluator, monitoring officer, performance coach, visiting lecturer, editor-in-chief, mentor, facilitator, etc. 

His current position is VP of Sales for Nextsales LLC, USA, Sales Development as a Service company. 

If you've missed the Summit, you have the opportunity to watch the video below.

15:00 - 15:30

Tuesday (GMT+1) 15th November 2022

Growing the Sales Pipeline with Cold Outreach