Relja Denic


Smart Outreach Sequences - The Future of Prospecting

"How to generate results? What type of copy works in some situations, and which types of sequences proved to be the best? When should you send a follow-up on an InMail, or email? Should you use highly personalized Emails combined (or not) with LinkedIn automation for ultimate prospecting?"

Relja is the Chief Executive Officer at Skylead. He began volunteering in a global organization called AIESEC where managed to become the national vice president of organizational development. In the meantime, he was working for a done-for-you agency for lead generation where he found his passion for cold outreach. After finishing his AIESEC experience he found out about Skylead and joined the team as an SDR and managed to move to the CEO position of the company in less than 2 years.

If you've missed the Summit, you have the opportunity to watch the video below.

13:30 - 14:00

Tuesday (GMT+1) 15th November 2022

Smart Outreach Sequences - The Future of Prospecting