Martin J Williams

United Kingdom

How I Wasted $5k on Cold Calling - And Why it Was All My Fault?

"If I had a pound for every time a business coach told me to "Get cold calling"! Dutifully, I did. And I hated it. I couldn't bear the thought of my every working day starting with rejection. So I outsourced it. Which was a disaster. $5k down the drain, and two months of prospecting time wasted. In response, I committed to never cold call again. What I do now instead is to warm call. A much better strategy".

Martin is a 25-year management consultant veteran who accidentally became a marketer! He helps B2B consulting businesses to implement effective marketing. This means they can stop being the world's best kept secret, break their reliance on repeat business and referrals, and get off of the revenue roller coaster.

After investing a ton of time and money into so called marketing experts, agencies and business coaches, Martin soon realised that he wasn't alone - most people seemed to know very little about marketing! Left with little cash and no other options, he had to figure out how to market effectively all by himself.

If you've missed the Summit, you have the opportunity to watch the video below.

12:20 - 12:50

Tuesday (GMT+1) 15th November 2022

How I Wasted $5k on Cold Calling - And Why it Was All My Fault?