Becky Davidson

United States

How to Get a Prospect to Say YES?

"Questions are the Answer. Questions are the answer to improving ratios and getting 'YES' easier. Who needs to close, when the customer wants to buy?"

A sales & leadership mentor, residual income specialist, natural health advocate and a genuine thought leader, Becky is a real gem in the in the field of marketing & sales.

Her skillset, mindset and passion represent an unlimited vault of potential and possibility. Driven to help business owners to improve their health, build a secondary passive income and attract more clients for their traditional business, she has made a mastery out of her work.

A huge fan of growth and seeing people succeed and become the best versions of themselves, Becky has spent 40 years learning, developing and growing her skills as an effective communicator and sales professional.

Empowering people for 4 decades, she has over 30,000 prospecting connections under her belt. 

As once shy person, she learned to master the psychology of effective communication, to control the mindset, and fall in love with the sales process!

It’s all about loving what you do. 

She has worked with an array of clients, from boutique experiential experiences and projects with sales leaders, and many marketing professionals, to ultra-high net worth individuals, Becky’s work is soaked in variety, creativity and wisdom.

If you've missed the Summit, you have the opportunity to watch the video below.

16:45 - 17:15

Tuesday (GMT+1) 15th November 2022

How to Get a Prospect to Say YES?